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Glider Kits and Supplies

Guru Glider Kit ‘19

This kit makes 4 gliders compatible with the 2019 S.O. Elastic Launch Glider rules and is based on the design that is a proven winner in competitions.  Includes all parts needed to build and fly including laser cut balsa parts, and a simple hand launcher.  This kit can be assembled ready to fly in 15 minutes.  Kit also includes building instructions and access to online building and trimming/flying videos.  Everything you need to get competition ready. 

Guru Glider Launcher

Something this good couldn't stay secret for long. This is the key to success used by winning teams for years. 
More than the yard stick and plastic protractors found elsewhere, the Guru Glider Launcher uses bubble levels to insure teams can quickly find the best launch angle. On top is a metric tape to allow calibrated pullback to within a single mm if desired.  This launcher allows for accurate measurement of key flight variables.  Includes building instructions and access to online building and use tutorial so you can get the most out of your Guru Glider Launcher.